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Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?


Foreo LUNA is my second facial brush after my first Clarisonic Plus stop work, I do not know why and how this known from the Swedish cleansing instrument suddenly on the fire, it likes a legend in beauty world. Foreo’s price is pretty close to Clarisonic in Sephora, even higher a little bit. My rule is “expensive for a reason”, it suddenly took my attention, especially its lovely outlook and anti-aging Massage features are all deeply attractive. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)

Foreo’s headquartered is in Stockholm, Sweden, but its products are produced in China, even if you buy abroad it’s still made in China. But I think the Chinese manufacturing is not all shoddy, as long as there are technical guidance in China, they can produce the world’s top products, so take the production to argue is completely unnecessary. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)

  1. Is cleansing easy to use? Compare to Clarisonic?

The first two points are about science and technology are about cleansing. T-SONIC ™ sound wave pulsating power should be similar to Clarisonic ultrasonic technology sound wave technology, their purpose is to reduce the demage to skin, which is the difference with the normal facial wash brush. Medical silicone refers to its cleansing brush, Foreo use a permanent silicone brush, do not have to do regular replacement, that’s one reason why a lot of people choose Foreo. Compared to Clarisonic’s 3 months replacement a brush head, the cost is reduced a lot. And it also makes people questioned that if they do not change the brush over 3 months, who will guarntee its cleanliness. Foreo’s silicone is easy to clean, compare with Clarisonic’s hairy brush, its certainly not easy to filth, and also easier to keep clean. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)

For the cleaning effect, honestly speaking, Foreo LUNA is not good as Clarisonic Plus, the clean efforts are not enough, but during using I will do some pulling action, feels very effective. So Foreo LUNA is expensive because of the massage system and its overall input cost is low. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)

  1. How’s the massage and anti-aging effect?

As mentioned before the “2 minutes compact” function, is Foreo LUNA model’s massage function, mainly using the ripple and sonic technology on Foreo LUNA’s back, pulling up the forehead, eyes, spells, mouth and other parts, and help skincare products to work well. I bought it because of this function, and many people respond that it’s very effective. But if you need to keep using this pull the instrument in a long term to see the result otherwise it’s waste time. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)

There are many people use Foreo LUNA to do lymphatic massage, and a lot of people said it works for edema. In a short, Foreo LUNA combines a cleanliness in general and massage function. It is divided into many models. For example, Foreo LUNA, it is divided into ultra-sensitive skin, sensitive skin and mixed oil skin, you can choose what you need by your own skin type. If you want to do a clean, massage and anti-age at the same time, but you are not oil skin that cannot be treated, you may want to try Foreo LUNA. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)

Foreo also has mini model and men’s special models. Mini does not have massage function, just a simple cleaning function, I don’t recommend, after all, Foreo’s highlight is the massage function. So from the cost, I recommend LUNA. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)

  1. Charging

Whether it is Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic Plus, you have to charge before to use it for the first time. You need to charge at least 24 hours. Clarisonic Plus’s power cannot continue a long time, usually you need to charge it weekly. But Foreo LUNA is known to be able to use 400 times for one time charge. And it’s true. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)

  1. Cleansing Products

I personally like bubble-rich products, and currently use the Caudalie’s cleansing mousse. The cleanliness is quite strong, not a good choice for dry skin and sensitive skin. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)

  1. Summary

In my opinion, Foreo LUNA and Clarisonic Plus don’t have too much difference. If there is no special requirement, only want to wash more cleanly than by hand, and has anti-aging needs, I recommend Foreo LUNA. If you like high cleanliness, then Clarisonic Plus is best choice for you. (Foreo LUNA or Clarisonic?)



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