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First Step of Skincare: How to Wash Your Face Correctly?

1. You don’t need to wash your face too many times every day, every morning and evening is enough!
The purpose of washing face is to remove the dirt, but definitely not over wash it, if the face is too dry it is another kind of injury to your face. So, wash your face every morning and evening is enough, in the middle of the day, splashing of water to your face is enough, unless you want to remove sunscreen or makeup off. Even if last night’s cleaning is very thorough, did not use exfoliating, a lot of gel skin care products or an acid, in the morning to wash with water will be OK.
2. Too much bubble is not necessary!
Bubble is good, it can increase the sense of supple, it will not cause harm to the skin, but a lot of bubbles or squeeze out the bubble of the cleanser, it’s not good for your skin. It is best to rub in hands before wash your face, do not squeeze directly in the face, that will pull the skin too much.
3. Wash time does not need too long!
The first is to wash the oil T-site, and then fo to other parts, with a circle of the way, eyelids, lips fragile and sensitive places do not stay too long; no need to have complicated way, the main purpose of washing face is to clean it, massage and other follow-up on the skin care can do it later.
4. The best temperature is cooler, do not be hot and cold!
Have heard of that, using hot and cold water cross-face method. Hot water can help take away the oil, cold water can let the pores closed, but the overheated water will damage the skin’s own protective barrier, pores in the dirt cannot get out, most people are difficult to get the right water temperature. So it is best to use only cool water to wash, or wash your face with warm water, and then take a cold shot to help shrink pores.
5. After washing your face, use both hands to dry the face of the water!
Choose to dry your face with only your hands, and not recommended to dry with a towel, is because of that the towel is not clean, and many people will take a towel up and down vigorously wiping the face, that will pull the skin. If you want to quickly dry, it is better to use soft tissue paper to squeeze the face.

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