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Why I Love the Clarisonic

By Nilo Haq

I know a lot of you have been asking me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter what I thought of the Clarisonic machine when I posted the photo that I bought one, I took my time to write this review because I wanted to truly try it out for sometime before I gave my final opinion.  I must say that the Clarisonic has seriously changed my skin forever! (Why I Love the Clarisonic)

For those of you who don’t know what a Clarisonic is it’s a professional cleaning device used by women, men, bloggers, celebrities and recommended by dermatologists worldwide.  I’ve actually never read or seen a bad review on the Clarisonic and anyone who I spoke to about it was raving about the deep-cleanse.  There are many similar machines available on the market, but the Clarisonic is the ‘Queen bee“, and I think if it’s got to do with your skin – get the best. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)

I originally bought the Aria – because it has three speeds but I felt like the extra 2 speeds were too much for my sensitive skin, so I went back and got the original version which is the Mia.  I’ve been using it for a couple months now, and even after the first use I felt a difference in my skin.  After a week students and family commented on ‘what i was doing differently’ and after a month my husband wanted me to get him one too. Here is a chart to the comparison chart to show you the difference between each machine. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)

When you buy the machine it comes with a sensitive brush which lasts for 90 days (you should replace the brush every 90 days) then you can replace it with a Normal brush or anyone that you feel would suit your skin type.  When you use the brush don’t press it hard, just slight pressure is enough to cleanse the skin.  There is a 60 second timer so it automatically turns off so you know your done.  I usually start at the center of my face and move the brush around and even use it on my neck.  Below is a chart to show you the different replacement brush heads you can get. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)

If your not convinced let me honestly tell you the 10 Reasons WHY I love the Clarisonic most:


1.  Cleans up to 6x better than using your fingers

YES its true, when you try it you’ll know what I mean.  It easily moves and cleans into every area of your face, removes makeup, oil, dirt and anything else you don’t want on your skin.  It’s amazing how it does so much but is so gentle. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


2.  Reduces breakouts and blemishes

My skin changed after recently delivering a baby, I had blemishes like I never had before.  It took time for me to see the results of this aspect but my skin has significantly seen a huge difference in the amount of blemishes and breakouts.  The Clarisonic is proven to unplug pores and also helps to get rid of dead skin cells.  I think intially I saw some more blemishes but I stuck with it and soon after they stopped. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


3.  Less Need to Exfoliate

I have dry skin and constantly being under the ac here in Saudi I tend to get a build up of dry skin cells on my face.  I love exfoliating but ever since I started using my Clarisonic, I find I don’t need to exfoliate much anymore since  my skin is clearly smoother and has almost no dry spots anymore. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


4.  Smoother and more Radiant Skin

If you’re getting such an great deep cleanse everyday with less need to exfoliate your going to have more natural healthy looking skin and yes I feel that I do.  It has reduced dry, rough patches – my skin feels softer and looks smoother. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


5.  Hygienic

Everyone has different skin needs – which is why I love the replacement brush heads.  It’s a hygenic way to keep things fresh and to customize when you want to use which brush. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


6. Preps the Skin for Product Absorption

I noticed my serums and moisturizers just melted into my skin, unlike before they felt like they just sat on top or took time to get absorbed. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


7.  Easy Use

The Clarisonic is very easy to use, the battery life is great lasts a long time without needing a charge.  The timers make it fool proof, so you know how long you’ve been using it and when your done. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


8.  Motivating

For me, I feel more motivated to clean my skin because I’m seeing results.  Even on my ‘long day dead tierd nights’ I’m still motivated to wash my face and remove my makeup instead of being lazy and going straight to bed with the promise that next time I’ll wash my face. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


9.  Use Less Product

I use HALF the amount of cleanser I was using with my fingers, so you save product. And yes, you can use ANY product or brand you feel comfortable with. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


10.  It’s for Everyone!

Gentle enough to use AM & PM for Men, Women – any age and all skin types. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)


Highly recommend, I think everyone should own one of these. (Why I Love the Clarisonic)

This article originally appeared in Saudi Beauty



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