Giddy about my Erisonic delivery.

I just ordered an Erisonic, FOR CHEAP!

Hey guys, I know it’s been a while since I posted, but I just wanted to let you all in on an AWESOME deal I found on Facebook! Obviously, it’s the thanksgiving season,  so Black Friday specials are in full swing.  It was late at night, and I was cruising around my ole book of face, and found an interesting facebook page called Erisonic. Now, as you know, I have the Clarisonic product, but recently it has been feeling a little rough on my skin.  This Erisonic product is having an 80% off sale!!! So I decided to give it a shot. I found some for $50!!!  I can not wait for this product to arrive and review it, but I decided I needed to post about it. (since the sale is for only a limited time).  While I’m still waiting for the Erisonic Facial Cleansing and Massage System (that’s the official name), I figured I could direct you to there website!  You can have one of their products for $49.99!!! I know I’m kind of rambling, but I’m just so giddy about this product.  I’ve grown tired of my Clarisonic and want to try something else.  For $50, I figured, why not? When I receive my Erisonic I will be SURE to review it for you.  Once again, I’m sorry for not posting in such a LONG time.  I have been super busy doing stuff for my new job, my new boyfriend, along with my hectic life style.  BUT!!! I promise I will post with my review of this Erisonic product, as soon as I get it. Hopefully that will be next week! Everyone have an AWESOME Thanksgiving, and I will talk to you next week!


Erisonic facial cleansing and massaging system

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Clarisonic – A Review

Clarisonic – A Review

Hello, friends! Let’s talk about breakouts for a second.

Do you get them? I do at least once a month, usually around my chin and jawline, and though I admit to occasionally picking and making them so much worse than they would typically be, I can’t help myself. The best option for me is to destroy pimples forever!

For months, I would scour the internet for proof that the Clarisonic, a popular and somewhat pricy tool for cleaning your face, was truly effective and the answer to my blackhead destroying fantasies. Every night before bed, I indulged in my blackhead squeezing routine and stared in awe at the gunk that hangs out in my pores when I look closely enough. No amount of Biore strips, scrubs, masks, and face-washing could get it all out.

Clarisonic-Mia-2I finally decided to give in and see what this Clarisonic business was. I planned on sharing my experience here with you guys but wanted to give it several weeks before I praised it or complained about it, especially since I have read that your face needs time to break out one more time before it gets used to the brushing motion.

The first time I used it, my face felt smoother, but as expected there wasn’t too much of a difference other than a feeling of cleanliness. Now, three weeks later and with daily use, here’s what I’ve experienced:

  • Cleaner pores
  • Smaller pores
  • Smoother face
  • Dewy skin

This is not to say that every single pore has been cleaned out and that I don’t have a single blackhead. I think it’ll take more time before I can boast that result, but I will say that those hard-to-see ones on my cheeks, which are hard to get out, have decreased astronomically. It seems the motion of the brush helps push them out and eventually gets rid of them, while also boosting circulation and creating that fresh, dewy look. At least that’s how it works in my mind.

I’ve been using the Clarisonic Mia 2, which I bought at Sephora for fear of the fakes that I’ve been warned about on Amazon. It came with a ‘sensitive’ brush head, a small bottle of Clarisonic brand cleanser, a magnetic charger, and a carrying case. The cost was $149, and so far, worth it!

As far the initial “breakout” that I had read about, it didn’t happen immediately. In fact, I felt like I saw results fairly quickly, but I did have a small breakout around my chin this past weekend and I’m not sure if it had anything to do with the Clarisonic. I did get rid of it quite fast though, and that may have had to do with the fact that I’ve been cleaning my face so well.

Between the hot summer, the NYC humidity and bus fumes, and the generally dusty nature of my surroundings, I just knew my face was not getting the cleaning it needed. A scrub and facial cleanser can only do so much, and it wasn’t doing enough for me.

Now, I see my moisturizer and my BB cream absorbing the way it should, and there’s never any cakiness. It feels like the dirty outer layer of my face has been removed! Yay!

Now, tell me if you have any questions! The more I use my Clarisonic, the more I learn about it and the way it works, so I’m happy to help if you’re considering the investment.

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[clarisonic Mia & SIRIUSONIC] Electric Face Brush

[clarisonic Mia & SIRIUSONIC] Electric Face Brush

I wanted to say something about the two electric facial brushes I got: clarisonic & SIRIUSONIC.
I use the clarisonic for 3 weeks now and the SIRIUSONIC just a few times but I still wanna review both products.
clarisonic Mia (SONIC SKIN CLEANSING):
I purchased the clarisonic Mia which is the smallest and cheapest version of the clarisonicbrushes. It’s available in a huge range of colors – I decided to get ‘Tangerine’ which is a really pretty pastel orange. I also liked ‘Turquoise’ and ‘Island Coral’ but these colors were sold out at the time I ordered my one. I think all 3 colors are limited!!
I got the Mia for just US$95 (excluding shipping costs from the US) coz the shop offered 20% discount on their whole range. The normal price is usually US$119 for the Mia, US$195 for the Classic and US$225 for the PLUS.
The clarisonic Mia comes in a box which includes a Universal Voltage pLink Charger, a Trial Size (30ml) of the gentle hydro cleanser and a User Guide. A Sensitive Brush Head is already included, too.
I also purchased some Replacement Brush Heads as back-up (will last me for over 12 month):
2x Sensitive Skin
2x Deep Pore Cleansing
Waiting for a Acne Cleansing brush head as well but it didn’t arrive yet.
How many brush heads does clarisonicprovide?
Normal Skin: Can be used for cleansing normal skin or preparing (men’s) skin for shaving.
Sensitive Skin: Gently cleanses normal to sensitive skin types.
Delicate Skin: An ultra-soft skin brush for sensitive and extra-sensitive skin.
Deep Pore Cleansing: Cleanses oily skin or skin with large pores. It gently reaches hard to reach areas of the face (like nose) and can be used daily.
Acne Cleansing: Soft and specifically designed for gentle cleansing of acne-prone skin.
Body Cleansing: A larger brush head designed for your decollete, hands, arms, elbows, feet and other areas of the body. This brush head is preferably used with the clarisonic PLUS andPRO models. It can’t be used with the Mia!!The Replacement Brush Head costs US$25 or US$40 (TWIN-PACK).
Each brush head got a translucent cap for easier removing and attaching.
The clarisonic Mia has just 1 Speed but that’s fine for me. I use the brush 2 times a day for always 1 minute. The Mia automatically switches off after that time.
The clarisonic has a soft vibration and the inner ring of the brush head is turning/ rotating.
You should clean the brush head at least once a week with a antibacterial soap and let it air dry. Remove the brush head for doing that with the help of the cap: Press, move counterclockwise and then pull! To attach it again just press and move clockwise until you hear it snap in.
Replace the brush head every three (3) months to keep your brush clean and your skin healthy.
The SIRIUSONIC is just available in white.
It’s not very easy to find a shop who sells this Skincare System except from their official website ( which is located in USA.
The SIRIUS brush is more favorable than the clarisonic one. It costs US$49 (excluding shipping costs) and around US$14 for the replacement brush heads (set of 2). I have to say that I got it for free coz the shop canceled my order and still shipped it. They didn’t charge my credit card!
This facial brush comes in a box and contains, beside a User Guide, a Storage Cradle and 5 different attachments:
1x Brush Head (Normal Skin)
1x Brush Head (Sensitive Skin)
1x Exfoliation (Sponge) Applicator
1x Hydration (Sponge) Applicator
1x Toning (Massage) Attachment
The Skincare System also came with a pair of batteries since it’s not rechargeable like theclarisonic.

 Removing and attaching the different attachments is very easy: just pull off and press on.
Compared with the clarisonic the SIRIUSONIC device does vibrate only. The brush heads aren’t turning/ rotating. In addition, It doesn’t switch off automatically after 1 minute.
With the same order I got 2 Replacement Brush Heads for ‘Sensitive Skin’ which are white/blue and not just white like the one which came with the device.
You should clean the attachments once a week with soap and replace them every 3 month (Brush Heads) or every 1-2 month (Sponge Applicators).
The Toning Attachment is made of plastic with 4 massage knobs. I don’t think you have to replace this one.
The SIRIUSONIC also has just 1 Speed which is enough for me. The included Storage Cradle is very useful, too.
Which one do I prefer?

The way you have to clean your skin is with both brushes the same: wet your face & the brush head, add some cleansing foam and clean your face in circular motions:

forehead (20 sec.), nose/chin (20 sec.), cheeks (10 sec. each).
Both brushes are waterproof, so you can use them in your shower (don’t throw them in water, though).

I like the clarisonic Mia a lot more than the SIRIUSONIC which I use currently only when I recharge the Mia. Unfortunately, I don’t really see an improvement of my skin yet. After cleansing my skin looks sleek and some pores seem to be smaller but that’s all atm. I still get breakouts, blackheads, oily skin and dry patches. Of course I will continue using both facial brushes and hope it will work on my skin soon.
I haven’t tried all attachments of the SIRIUSONIC yet. Just the Sensitive Skin Brush and theExfoliation (Sponge) Applicator. The Sponge Applicator is kinda weird, though. I don’t really know how to use it, so it always seems to ‘absorb’ the products only. The Peeling works better when I use my hands for that.
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